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Charlie Sheen admits 'total denial' of his 'quicksanded' life

June 06, 2012|By Christie D'Zurilla
  • Charlie Sheen takes the stage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, held in Universal City.
Charlie Sheen takes the stage at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards, held in Universal… (Kevin Winter / Getty Images )

Charlie Sheen has a job again. And he's pals with ex-wife Denise Richards again. And he's drinking again. But the best news? He's no longer in "total denial."

There's "winning," and then there's winning.

"Clearly, a guy gets fired, his relationships are in the toilet, he's off on some ... tour, there's nothing 'winning' about any of that," he tells Rolling Stone, a magazine whose cover he'd coveted since age 14. "I mean, how does a guy who's obviously quicksanded, how does he consider any of it a victory? I was in total denial."

He doesn't deny that vodka, straight-up, "works." ("I don't see what's wrong with a few drinks," he says.)

He won't deny that he'd still like to have sex with Richards, even though they sleep in separate rooms when they travel with their girls. ("Do I want to? Yeah! Does she? Don't know.")

And he actually can't deny that he's still got a chip on his shoulder about his former "Two and a Half Men" employers, after referring to them in a behind-the-scenes video as "that quagmire of loser over on Stage 26" and a bunch of "idiots" still pursuing "diaper jokes and stupidity and one-note yuk-ness."

"Anger Management,"his series that premieres later this month, one he helped develop, will be different.

"I just wanted to play a guy that you can relate to ... that has some redeeming qualities ... it's a guy that you know, it's a guy that you trust, it's a guy that, you know, his name's Charlie."

Can't deny he's still the same old Charlie Sheen.


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