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Obama says he's making progress on his 'to do' list

June 06, 2012|By Kathleen Hennessey

After weeks of talking up his “to do” list for Congress and weeks of Congress ignoring him, President Obama revealed Wednesday where he might have gotten the idea.

He has a “to do” list of his own in his desk at the Oval Office, Obama told a crowd of donors at a fundraiser in Los Angeles.

Not surprisingly, Obama says he’s pretty proud of his progress.

“Every so often I take a look at it and I say, you know, we’re doing OK,” Obama said, going on to list what his campaign has zeroed in on as his top accomplishments: the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, increasing fuel economy standards, student loan reform, the healthcare law and ending the war in Iraq.

After he ticked off each one he declared it complete: “Check.”

The fresh riff in his campaign speech may be dubbed the “what I’ve done for you lately” segment. The president is looking for easy ways to remind Democrats that despite Republican opposition in Congress and the sour economy, he has pushed his agenda forward.

“We got some stuff done,” Obama said.

Obama spoke at a fundraiser in Beverly Hills, an event hosted by his LGBT Leadership Council. Ellen DeGeneres addressed the group before the president’s arrival and “Glee” star Darren Criss performed, according to the Obama campaign.

Even as Obama came up with his own campaign shorthand, he warned against Republicans distilling their message.

Their argument, the president said dismissively, could fit on a bumper sticker: "It's Obama's fault."

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