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Late Night: London Mayor Boris Johnson talks Bloomberg, bad hair

June 07, 2012|By Meredith Blake

On Wednesday night, London mayor Boris Johnson paid a visit to “The Late Show” to tout the upcoming Olympic games being held in his city, but David Letterman had other things on his mind. Namely, the politician’s distinctive mop of white-blond hair.

Johnson called himself “a big fan” of Michael Bloomberg. Letterman was more critical, complaining the New York mayor had “taken the fun out of fun city.” When asked whether he too would consider a ban on large, sugary drinks, Johnson tried his best to be diplomatic. “I may weigh more than Mike, but as a city we are not quite as … as fat,” he said, prompting big laughs from the audience. “I’ve got to be honest about this: We’re not there yet.”

Like Michael Bloomberg, Johnson has been a big advocate for public health, implementing a highly popular public bicycle-sharing system that will soon be adopted in New York. “It’s an entirely communist scheme put in by a conservative mayor and it works beautifully well,” Johnson boasted. (He should be grateful he’s not an American politician, or surely that sound bite would come back to haunt him.)

Johnson came off as charming and pleasantly self-deprecating, even when Letterman caught him off-guard with an unexpected question: “And how long have you been cutting your own hair?”

“That was a low blow,” Johnson grumbled good-naturedly. “I was beginning to think I’d got through this more or less unscathed.” A short while later, when Johnson claimed he had about as much chance of being prime minister “as being reincarnated as an olive,” Letterman offered some constructive criticism. “Do you think the hair is holding you back?”

Way to give the guy a complex, Dave. 


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