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Letters: Big ideas about big sugary drinks

June 07, 2012

Re "The 16-ounce solution," Editorial, June 1

The simplest way for New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg to ban large sugary drinks is to petition Congress to put them on Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act, along with marijuana. That way the sugary drink will be classified as having no medicinal value and he can expand his anti-obesity program nationwide by using the Drug Enforcement Administration.

Federal asset seizure laws could also be used to grab restaurant rental properties, fountain equipment, industry bank accounts, delivery trucks and even the passenger vehicles that big cup pushers drive to work.

The downside is that the cartels will take over the new black market. But the government will be protecting us from ourselves. That's its job, right?

Stephen Downing

Long Beac

Limiting the size of soft drinks is stupid when we are spending taxpayer money to subsidize one of the main ingredients, corn syrup. Congress will soon be voting on extending these subsidies.

If legislators were more concerned about the health of the American people instead of who their big corporate campaign contributor is going to be, they would discontinue these subsidies.

Brent Trafton

Long Beach

With all the yammering stirred up by Bloomberg (banning large sugary drinks, an outdoor smoking ban and more), I am reminded of Barry Goldwater's campaign slogan, "In your heart, you know he's right."

The same can be said of Bloomberg, like him or not.

Herb Stark

Massapequa, N.Y.


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