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'Car Talk': Video chat on the show's legacy

June 08, 2012|By Patrick Kevin Day
  • Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Tom and Ray Magliozzi (Charles Krupa / Associated…)

By now, "Car Talk" fans have heard the bad news. Boston gearhead brothers Ray and Tom Magliozzi are putting an end to the live NPR call-in radio show that was their media home for 25 years.

The pair, who owned a struggling do-it-yourself car repair shop in Cambridge, Mass., began their call-in show on local Boston NPR affiliate WBUR in 1977. It went national 10 years later.

The brothers, who still operate their full-service shop Good News Garage in Cambridge, have recorded more than 1,200 episodes and can currently be heard on NPR stations across the country, as well as NPR's Sirius XM channel. They've had two TV series use them as inspiration and they got to cameo in the Pixar animated film "Cars."

Car fans around the country are currently in mourning.

One commenter on their website wrote, "I stopped caring about cars when I graduated high school. But, that didn't stop me from passively listening and laughing most Saturday mornings while out and about running errands. The biggest lesson I've learned from listening to Car Talk over the years? Strive to be more like Tom and Ray. Your obvious love of life, your strong relationship, the approachable and go-easy attitude, all things we should all strive to replicate. Thank you for your impact and years of service, best wishes in retirement."

Join Times writers David Lazarus and Patt Morrison as they discuss "Car Talk's" legacy with readers at 3:45 p.m. PT today.


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