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Letters: Did ticket prices cost Kings a Cup?

Stanley Cup scalpers might have made the difference in Game 4.

June 08, 2012
  • Kings forward Jeff Carter celebrates after scoring a third-period goal during the Kings' victory over the New Jersey Devils in Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final on Monday.
Kings forward Jeff Carter celebrates after scoring a third-period goal… (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles…)

Ticket brokers are the ultimate lowlifes. There was a huge difference in fan support between Game 3 and 4. The reason is real fans could not afford to see their beloved Kings. The only people willing to pay ridiculous prices are fly-by-night observers who thought it was the in thing to do. When ticket prices escalate to upward of 10 times the face value, there is a problem. I certainly hope all the idiots who paid as much for one single ticket as it would've cost to purchase season seats got their money's worth. Oh wait — they didn't. The Kings lost.

Geno Apicella



The Kings' Game 2 stories by Helene Elliott and Bill Plaschke were great reads, but they didn't create the goose bumps of Robert Gauthier's memorable photo of the winning goal's aftermath. It's a prime example of how "a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single still image."

It's worth more than a thousand words, and it should be worth at least a thousand bucks to a cameraman who creates those stirring images for us week after week.

Spike Bragg

Long Beach


Drew Doughty's magnificent goal in Game 2 was pure poetry. I haven't seen those kind of moves across the so much terrain through multiple defenders since Maradona's goal in the 1986 World Cup (soccer). Maybe we can call it the "Stick of God" goal!

Gino Cirignano

Playa del Rey


Shame on NBC for the biased announcing calling the Stanley Cup. With the exception of Mike Milbury, you can almost hear the others, including Ed Olczyk and Jeremy Roenick, exhorting the Devils. Bob Miller would have been less biased in his announcing. In the end, we Kings fans will all hear the memorable words of Al Michaels and "believe in miracles." But it would be insulting to the Kings to call this a miracle. This was an opus. Enjoy the Cup, men. After 37 years, I will. Thanks

Bruce N.Miller

Playa del Rey


Last week's letters compared the NHL to the NBA. My comparison is submitted for your approval.

Number of timeouts per team:

NHL: 1. NBA: 8

After an infraction:

NHL: Power play. NBA: Foul shots.

Late-game strategy:

NHL: Pull the goalie. NBA: Hack-a-Shaq

What hurts the game:

NHL: Too much fighting. NBA: World Peace.

Nelson Costello

Los Angeles


To L.A. fans, these Kings bring back childhood memories of those first chilly mornings of early December when the L.A. River would freeze, and we'd grab our sticks from under the diving board, lace up our skates and head for the ice...

Craig Tepper

Santa Monica

Lakers' best option?

Lakers fans must be excited, I hear Clint Eastwood is going to make a sequel to his hit movie "Million Dollar Baby." It will star Andrew Bynum and be called "$16.1-Million Baby." I'm sure Andrew will be excellent in the role.

Virginia Conrad



Looks like Jim Buss will cement his legacy by picking up the option on Andrew Bynum to the tune of $16.1 million. Hmm, I'm not sure if "cement" is the right word in this situation. Maybe silly glue?

Kristen Hyland



I was there when the Lakers battled the mighty Boston Celtics in the Sports Arena. I was there when the Lakers won their first West Coast NBA championship in the Forum, beating the New York Knicks in five games (there were empty seats). I was there for Magic Johnson and Showtime. In all those decades there wasn't any Lakers team with bench players as bad as this years team. Blaming Coach Mike Brown for what Laker Land considers a failed season is crazy. He did a great job of getting the Lakers into the playoffs considering the hand he was dealt.

James West



Reader Joe Laviguer hit it right on the nose. The Kings play their guts out, the Lakers are just gutless. The Kings play together with a "we" mentality, the Lakers play a "me" game. The Kings are likable guys, the Lakers have to many sullen, petulant, and selfish people.

What can they do? Trade Bynum for whatever they can get. Howard would be great. Next, waive Artest, no matter the cost. Retain Gasol and Coach Brown. Gasol's play will return to form when Bynum and Artest are gone. Sign one or two free agents that are mature professionals who want to play hard and well in Los Angeles. Mike Brown is a good coach, he was just dealt a bad hand.

Kobe is the main reason this team is so unlikable. But they are stuck with him. Someone in the Lakers organization needs to step up and stop the hostage mentality that Bryant has created. Everyone seems to be afraid of him, and this leads to a dysfunctional group.

These changes will not create an NBA championship, but the Lakers as they stand now are going to be unwatchable also-rans.

John M. Clark



The only way Kobe will get another ring is with another team (Thunder, Heat, Bulls), and the Lakers should help by trading him for youth and athleticism while he still has value. That's the only way they'll get another ring.

Jack Wishard

Los Angeles


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