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Los Angeles Kings' Darryl Sutter continues to amaze in briefings

The coach entertains and educates reporters and others during his pregame news conferences.

June 09, 2012|By Lisa Dillman and Chris Foster
  • Kings Coach Darryl Sutter, shown during a media session on Tuesday, can take a reporter's question and take the answer in an unexpected destination.
Kings Coach Darryl Sutter, shown during a media session on Tuesday, can… (Julie Jacobson / Associated…)

NEWARK, N.J. — Even Darryl Sutter's extended family seems to be getting a kick out of his televised media briefings during the Stanley Cup Final between the Kings and New Jersey Devils.

Nephew Brody Sutter tweeted about the Kings coach the other day: "My uncle Darryl's interviews never cease to amaze me. What a guy. #ShortAndSweet #BeautyAlert"

Brody, who was drafted last year by the Carolina Hurricanes, happens to be the son of Duane Sutter, who won four Stanley Cups playing for the New York Islanders. Duane is now working for the Edmonton Oilers.

On Saturday, hours before Game 5, it was Informative Darryl in his quick session at the podium after the morning skate. Sutter has an entertaining way of taking a question and often ending up at an unexpected destination. At least for the reporters, not him.

Q: "When you look at the playoffs, does it seem like yesterday the regular season ended and now we're already in June?"

Sutter said "it goes fast," and mentioned that Saturday was Kings executive Jack Ferreira's birthday. Ferreira is a special assistant to Kings President and General Manager Dean Lombardi.

"I won't say what his age is, but it's 60-something," Sutter said, smiling. "Yeah, it does go fast. Darn right. Series are two weeks, you're going in those 10- to 14-day blocks. It does go fast. You're into the middle of June already. In Canada, this weekend it's Farmers Day."

Who knew?

Apparently, Farmers Day was once a provincial holiday in Alberta, and Sutter got a kick out of explaining its present-day form.

"It's like a big picnic with coolers," Sutter said. "Don't know if you know what that means."

Slow starters

What should be worrisome to Kings is that New Jersey has been better as each series progressed during the playoffs. In each series, the Devils seemed to find their footing in Game 4.

The Devils won three of the last four in rallying to win a seven-game series from the Florida Panthers in the first round. They won the last two in winning six-game series against the Philadelphia Flyers and New York Rangers.

With Saturday's victory, the Devils now have an 8-1 record after three games in each of their playoff series this season.

Devils' Coach Peter DeBoer said, "As a series goes on, we recognize what's working for us and what isn't. We try and fix those things."

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