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Letters: Climate change DIY

June 12, 2012

Re "Scientists warn that Earth may be approaching a tipping point," June 8

We can be the greatest of greatest generations or those who fiddled while Rome burned. Adults today are the only ones who can avert what one scientist tells us is a catastrophe "equivalent to an asteroid striking the Earth." Those before us didn't know; for those after us it will be too late. We have a sobering responsibility, yet governments don't seem able to help. Good people, it is up to us.

We need to consume much less and more wisely, think differently about our transportation choices and support family planning everywhere.

Corporations won't change if consumers don't. Force their hand with your pocketbook. Talk to others and risk people saying you're obsessed.

Quite simply, all life on Earth is in our hands, and time is running out.

Vanae Ehret

Sherman Oaks

Once again, we are warned by scientists and yet this supremely important issue is glossed over. Where is a united, coordinated effort to make a change from our destructive practices? We are distracted always by self-interest.

Lately I have noticed the evening news reports often have stories on "extreme weather." It has become a normal news staple. Yet when we break for commercials, fossil-fuel companies advertise their products. Can we please open our eyes?

Mary Clumeck

Santa Ana


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