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Letters: Planned Parenthood and schools

June 12, 2012

Re "Clinic fills a need at school," June 5

I don't know if it is cultural arrogance or moral confusion that motivates the L.A. Unified School District to collaborate with Planned Parenthood in running a clinic at a Boyle Heights high school.

We are told that the birth control services offered are free and confidential, which of course means that the 16-year-old girl you profile can obtain these services without telling her parents. Given that the school is in a "heavily Latino" neighborhood, many of the parents are likely Roman Catholic and would not be happy about this service offered by the clinic.

But we also know that the LAUSD cares much, much more about this young girl than her parents could ever care about her, and so they have helped her to go behind their backs. And we wonder why parents have lost confidence in L.A. Unified.

Tom Reilly

West Hills


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