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Letters: It's tough to believe Kings have finally done it

The Kings win the Cup? No, really

June 13, 2012
  • The Kings pose for a team photo while celebrating their Stanley Cup victory over the New Jersey Devils at Staples Center on Monday. Most of the Kings' key players are signed to long-term contracts.
The Kings pose for a team photo while celebrating their Stanley Cup victory… (Robert Gauthier / Los Angeles…)

The Los Angeles Kings have won the Stanley Cup.

In other news, "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" has just received a Peabody Award for broadcast excellence, scientists announced the sun tomorrow will rise in the West and set in the East and Charlie Sheen has taken a vow of celibacy in anticipation of entering the priesthood.

We now return you to our regularly scheduled program, "The Twilight Zone."

Richard Turnage



That's one less item on my bucket list.

Mike Kichaven

Sherman Oaks


I went to my first game in 1970 at age 6. I waited 42 years to see the Los Angeles Kings lift that beautiful piece of silverware.

Thank you, Kings. If the Mayans turn out to be right with their whole calendar thing, I'm good.

Mel Powell

Sherman Oaks


Move over Trojans, there is another SC in town: The Stanley Cup!

Jerry Selby



The Kings had to scramble to make a playoff spot in the final week of the regular season, were seeded eighth in the Western Conference, defeated the conference's top three teams in the playoffs, and then dominated the Devils to win the Stanley Cup, ending 45 years of mediocrity, disappointment, and frustration.

Move over Kirk Gibson, your spot atop the greatest achievements in L.A. sports history has now been vacated.

Jack Wolf



My dad took me to my first Kings game in 1970. The Cup belongs not only to the current group, but to guys like Cowboy Flett, Whitey Widing, Rogie Vachon, Marcel Dionne, Butch Goring and Jiggs McDonald, who announced games before Bob Miller. These men can take pride that they provided the framework that culminated in this improbable championship

Michael Kitahara

Long Beach


Dear Dustin, Kopi, Jonathan, Drew, et al,

Congratulations. And thank you so much.

Signed, Butch, Rogie, Marcel, Charlie, Wayne, Luc.......

Eric Monson



For the past 30 years, I've carried the shame of leaving the "Miracle on Manchester" early when the Kings trailed the Edmonton Oilers 5-0 after two periods. I never hid from the truth, always sheepishly admitting I missed the greatest moment in Kings history, their 6-5 overtime victory. But today I have been exonerated and set free by the hockey gods as I witnessed first-hand our Kings skate with Lord Stanley's Cup. Hallelujah!

Richard M. Crasnick

Santa Monica


Let it be noted that Los Angeles has joined the pantheon of cities that have championships in every major team sport. New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicago, move over. The City of Angels has arrived!

Rick Wallace



Top 10 reasons to love hockey.

10. No sack dances.

9. No stare-downs after dunking on someone.

8. No crotch grabbing or "adjustments."

7. No taking a sharpie out of a sock to sign a puck after a goal.

6. No chest pounding after a routine hit.

5. No players busted for parking in handicapped parking spots.

4. Players who actually acknowledge their teammates.

3. Game action that is not interrupted every two minutes for a timeout

2. No post-champioship game riot.

1. The L.A. Kings!

Lon Sellers



There is the old adage, "take one for the team." Well, Rob Scuderi of the Stanley Cup champion Kings has clearly defined what it takes.

Wayne Muramatsu



There is an old saying that states "the best trades or signings are the ones that are never made.. Case in point is when Dean Lombardi backed off on the negotiations with Ilya Kovalchuk. His decision indirectly got us the Cup, but not Kovalchuk.

Bailey Richards

Los Angeles


As a Canadian by birth, the love of hockey is in my DNA. But when the American-born captain of the Kings, Dustin Brown, hoisted the Stanley Cup high in the air, I was never so proud. I was reminded of a Canadian woman who wrote to NASA after it launched its first satellite: "Thank you for making us look up."

Mike Nally

Fountain Valley



As pleased as I am for the players and staff, the happiness in my heart is mostly for the Kings fans in LA who have been good and faithful fans for some 45 years. Kings fans, you deserve this, so revel in it for as long as you want. You've paid for it with loyalty a dozen times over.

Monty Pack

Calgary, Canada


"Jon be nimble,

Jon be Quick,

Jon killed the Devils,

With his gloves and stick!"

Salvadore Martinez



Jack Kent Cooke + Jerry Buss + Bruce McNall + IDB = 28 seasons with 0 Stanley Cups.

AEG = 16 seasons and one Cup.

The numbers don't lie. AEG is the greatest thing that ever happened to the Kings in their otherwise pathetic history, and your readers need to stop whining about the current owners. Take it from this longtime fan who cheered for that team even before Marcel Dionne joined, the good old days weren't so good.

Hershel Remer

Los Angeles


Maybe now some credit will be given to Phil Anschutz and Tim Leiweke and Dean Lombardi for putting together this team. We sure have heard enough criticism over the years.

Chuck Rinaldi

Huntington Beach


Coach Sutter, is there any way you'd like moonlight next season and double your salary? There's another team that plays in your building that could absolutely use your practical tough-love approach into making them better players — even into champions like your Stanley Cup-winning Kings.

And I'm not talking about the Donald's team, either.

Deborah Robinson



I don't get the NBC Sports Channel. Just before walking out the door to find a TV to watch what turned out to be the final game for the Stanley Cup I turned on Channel 4. For myself and others in the same fix, thank you, NBC, for letting us see the Second Miracle on Ice in our own homes.

Dave Snyder

Grand Terrace


I'm surprised Pierre McGuire didn't praise the Devils for their work in the handshake line.

Mer Valdez

Long Beach

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