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Letters: L.A. is not N.Y.

June 13, 2012

Re "High and low," Opinion, June 11

New Yorkers, as has been frequently documented by ultra-New Yorker Woody Allen, never fail to share with those around them their cleverness in catching the "inside joke" or reference — as in the New York Times review of last month's "Don Giovanni" production at the Disney Concert Hall, which turned its nose up at the L.A. audience for its inaudible reaction to a joke by Mozart.

Many in the Disney Hall audience may have caught the reference but did not feel compelled to share their sophistication with a laugh or a sigh or a snort.

Mozart probably was not seeking an audible response from his audience. Alas, he failed to consider the level of sophistication among audiences in New York City.

M. J. Santander

Thousand Oaks


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