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Help Dustin Penner decide on facial hair for L.A. Kings parade

June 13, 2012|By Chuck Schilken

Dustin Penner is a brave man.

Now that the Kings' postseason run has ended with a Stanley Cup championship, it's time for those scruffy playoff beards to come off.

But instead of grabbing the nearest pair of hedge-clippers he can find to do away with the itchy, nasty thing himself, Penner is having his beard shaved in public -- and is letting fans choose what style facial hair, if any, he should sport during Thursday's championship parade.

The Kings left wing has teamed up with Philips Norelco for the promotion. Fans are invited to visit the Philips Norelco page on Facebook to vote on Penner's new look. At the moment, the "handle bar" appears to have a sizable lead over "lamb chops" and "clean shave," with "chin strap" and "classic mustache" bringing up the rear.

Can't help but notice that "keep the full beard" isn't an option.

Penner will go under the blade Wednesday at Bolt Barber (460 South Spring St.) at 3:30 p.m.


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