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Letters: Drones -- coming to a sky near you?

June 14, 2012

Re "Pentagon to soon deploy pint-sized but lethal drones," June 11

"Arms-control advocates … worry about what could happen if the drones end up in the hands of terrorists or other hostile forces." We should worry about what could happen because they have already ended up in our hands.

How long will it be before law enforcement begins deploying them at home? How long before they are hovering, unnoticed, outside our windows, with their controllers isolated from the consequences of using them by many blocks of distance and an innocent little hand-held control?

Don Chatfield


The military has in the past trumpeted new variations of the "smart bomb" by touting their pinpoint accuracy. And always, the claims are at best an exaggeration. It is irresponsible to take these claims at face value.

When the Pentagon says it will, in The Times' words, "deploy a new generation of drones the size of model planes, packing tiny explosive warheads that can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy," it is only claiming it can be delivered with pinpoint accuracy. It is not a proven fact.

Patrick Green



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