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Envelope Emmy Round Table: TV drama actors

Claire Danes, Michael C. Hall, Jon Hamm, Juliana Margulies and Aaron Paul gather for a discussion about their roles and more.

June 15, 2012|By Elena Howe, Los Angeles Times

JM: But they do. I mean, I had an example of it this year that was very conflicting for all of us because all the fans would write in because they loved Kalinda [played by Archie Panjabi] and Alicia [in scenes] together. But Alicia found out after two years of her being my only friend that she had slept with my husband. And so, I spent the season bearing it and grinning but not being her friend anymore. But the comments back, as I'd read scripts [and would see] that we were, you know, at a bar together, the comments back were, "The fans want you back together. You guys were the relationship on the show," and I said, "But you wrote a very different scenario, and I have to be truthful to that." You find me one woman, forget America, but in the world who would then be a friend again and go out drinking with the woman who'd slept with her husband. I don't know that person.

And that came from a huge group of people complaining because they loved our characters together. And I think that's tricky because they wrote something very purely and then realized maybe we did make a mistake. So then does that not exist, what we just played for a year? And I think it's a slippery slope. You have to be careful, you know, that's all.

MCH: In creating a sense of longing in an audience for something that doesn't necessarily make sense isn't — it's not something you have to honor directly; you don't have to give it to them. I mean, the fact that they have a sense of longing means that they have a sense of investment in the world …

CD: It sounds like they're grieving for something that they just have to sit with and go through and be uncomfortable with and, you know, get to the other side of. But if you answer their immediate knee-jerk, no, then you're dishonoring the show.

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