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Letters: Political money that could be put to better use

June 17, 2012

Re "Mega-donor turns his focus to Romney," June 14

How ironic that in the same issue that we read about Barbra Streisand's startling inability to get a single female billionaire to contribute to research on heart disease among women, we also read about a lone billionaire (Sheldon Adelson) who has contributed millions to groups supporting Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney.

Perhaps if Gingrich and Romney were females with heart disease, their resident billionaire with his deep pockets might deign to contribute a few bucks to female heart disease research. And if he has done so already, please sir, this research desperately needs more.

Ron Hardcastle

Los Angeles

In a dangerous world, and as this country continues to pull itself out of the worst downturn since the Depression, we need to elect leaders who will actually lead and inspire, not politicians who read speeches and follow a script written to please major donors.

"Read my lips" just wouldn't be the same with a Howdy Doody president — and billionaire ventriloquists.

Les Hall

Santa Ana


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