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Letters: You're not getting his seat

Why he doesn't give up his airplane seat, San Diego travel guide

June 17, 2012

What's up with families not being able to sit together on an airplane ["How to Sit Tight," by Catharine Hamm, June 10]?

I am a 58-year-old man who travels regularly for business and leisure. I usually buy my tickets months in advance mostly because I want to pick the best seat for myself.

I have stopped counting how many times I have been approached by flight attendants or passengers asking if I could switch my seat to accommodate a family, in most cases for a less desirable seat. I simply say no. Many occasions I have had to endure nasty glares and sometimes bad-mouthing from the passengers who wanted to switch.

If you purchase your ticket close to your departure, be prepared to sit wherever there is a free seat or take another flight.

Jeff Brenner


San Diego a winner

The opening paragraph of the San Diego close-up is the best 47-word description for the area ["The Beach and So Much More," by Christopher Reynolds, June 3]. Well written; a section keeper.

Christopher Carmichael


Just a quick note of thanks for the coverage on San Diego. I just booked our hotel forFather's Dayweekend and we'll take this article as our guide. Thanks for the inspiration.

Tass Rupp


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