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Hacker claims major haul of Visa, MasterCard data from 79 banks

June 19, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez
  • A hacker whose Twitter handle is Reckz0r, but who also goes by "Jeremy," claims to have taken 50 gigabytes of data from banks over the last three months.
A hacker whose Twitter handle is Reckz0r, but who also goes by "Jeremy,"… (Twitter )

A hacker Tuesday claimed to have stolen 50 gigabytes of information from 79 banks over the last three months.

The hacker, whose Twitter handle is Reckz0r but who also goes by "Jeremy" according to a PasteBin post, posted a text file of his hacks that contained a portion of the data he claimed to have stolen -- enough, he said, to prove he isn't kidding.

Within that text file are details from 1,700 individual Visa and MasterCard credit cards accounts, according to ZDNet.

The details posted by Reckz0r includes people's names, card types and both their postal and email addresses.

Reckz0r, who isn't above quoting himself in his own notes, said he censored the post and left out credit card numbers, codes and expiration dates.

The hacker, who later Tuesday also posted accounts for a porn site as well as what appears to be fellow hackers who are his enemies, only named Chase among the 79 banks he claims to have hacked.

Reckz0r offered no reason for his attack other than "Curiosity & Challenge."

Chris Monteiro, a spokesman for MasterCard, said security was a top priority for the company and that it had reviewed the claim. The company pointed out that no payment information was included.

Neither Visa nor Chase returned a request for comment.


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