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Are tablets, phones killing big-screen TVs? Not anytime soon

June 20, 2012|By David Lazarus
  • South Korean TV makers apparently think they need to spend big bucks making bigger TVs.
South Korean TV makers apparently think they need to spend big bucks making… (Associated Press )

Newspapers know a thing or two about the Internet eating their lunch. But are TV sets the next to take a fall?

An Associated Press story from Seoul suggests as much. It says South Korean TV makers "are making billion-dollar bets on a new display technology that promises an even thinner screen and imagery of eye-popping clarity."

The reason? Apparently consumers aren't as interested in buying new TVs when it's growing increasingly easy to watch stuff on tablets and smartphones.

This thinking could apply to a subset of consumers who are way-comfy with new technology and think it's perfectly cool to watch a wide-screen movie on a small-screen screen.

But most people, I think, still appreciate a picture that's big enough to actually make out details and provide a more immersive viewing experience. On a decent flat-screen TV, "Dr. Zhivago" is a moving love story set against the chilly backdrop of the Russian revolution.

On a smartphone, it's about snow.

That said, TV makers should remember their misstep on 3D technology. Home viewers don't seem to want too many bells and whistles (at least until Apple's iTV makes its debut). And they especially don't want to have to take out a second mortgage to buy a new set.

Good picture, good sound. It's not that complicated.

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