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Letters: With legal marijuana, everyone wins

June 20, 2012

Re "Dispensing profit," June 17

The only reason some people are still making a lot of money selling cannabis is because the state law on medical marijuana has never been fully implemented, and local governments severely limit the number of suppliers.

When cannabis is truly legalized, the price will drop to a point at which no one is going to make a killing from selling it. This might be bad for tax revenues, but it would good for everyone else.

Dave Lane

Santa Cruz

Whether you approve of marijuana use or not, and whether you believe it has medicinal uses or not, selling marijuana is one of the few growth areas in our economy. Still, we refuse to tap into this potentially huge tax revenue resource.

We would rather cut funding for our schools, public safety and infrastructure than tax something that is being grown, bought and sold every day.

Are we crazy?

Thomas McGovern

San Bernardino


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