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Kevin Durant sued by heavy-metal rocker over 'Durantula' nickname

June 21, 2012|By Chuck Schilken
  • Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant is facing both possible elimination from the NBA Finals and a lawsuit from a heavy-metal guitarist who claims the Thunder star is illegally using his "Durantula" nickname.
Oklahoma City's Kevin Durant is facing both possible elimination… (Lynne Sladky / Associated…)

Kevin Durant is a three-time NBA scoring champ who is trying to win his first league title with the Oklahoma City Thunder.

Mark Durante is a Chicago-based guitarist who has played with numerous heavy-metal bands.

Any confusion? Didn't think so. But Durante does seem to think so, especially since, he claims, Durant has been using the "Durantula" nickname that Durante says he trademarked in 1993.

Durante filed a lawsuit Wednesday in federal court for the Northern District of Illinois suing both Durant and Nike for their alleged use of the moniker, saying he has repeatedly demanded that Durant stop using the nickname. 

Durant's representatives have sent letters to the guitarist saying that "Kevin does not use the term as a nickname and has no intention of doing so," according to the suit. But Durante says merchandise as well as the basketball star's Twitter account both feature the name.

Durant, whose team faces possible elimination Thursday night against the Miami Heat, could not be reached for comment.

A veteran of several '80s metal bands, including the Slammin Watusis (see video below), Durante is still recording music today. And according to his website (, Durante has been in a similar situation before.

"Way back in 1978 Mark founded and named his new rock group Public Enemy. The name and logo were later 'borrowed' by another band who have had much success with it," the site says.

Better watch out, Chuck D. This guy doesn't fool around.


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