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CascadedBug parodies Twitter's crashes, gets suspended

June 22, 2012|By Salvador Rodriguez | This post has been updated. See the note below for details.
  • Amid Twitter's crashes Thursday, one user started an account parodying Twitter's reason for the outages.
Amid Twitter's crashes Thursday, one user started an account parodying… (Twitter )

Twitter on Thursday was plagued by crashes that knocked the site offline and even required the company to revert back to an older version to function.

The cause of the crashes? A cascaded bug.

Don't worry. If you don't know what that is, that just means you're normal.

A cascaded bug, Twitter explained, is when a glitch occurs in the software but spills over to other parts of the system too -- "cascading," essentially.

But one user disagreed.

To that person, a cascaded bug was just an opportunity to poke fun at Twitter's crashes Thursday, and so that person did.

"Gnawing on a few cables in Twitter's mainframe. You'll never find me, engineering nerds!" the user tweeted a few hours after Twitter's biggest crash Thursday. 

For its next tweet, @CascadedBug taunted Twitter directly by tweeting at the social network.

"Hey @Twitter, I'm not a bug, I'm a feature," the user tweeted

And that apparently struck a nerve with the startup, which not long after suspended the @CascadedBug account.

But not long after, Twitter went ahead and unsuspended the account causing the bug to tweet "First I'm 'suspended,' then I'm not, then I'm 'suspended again,' now I'm not. Am I the only bug in this mainframe?"

But it seems the jokester's days of mocking Twitter could be completely over. Mashable, which did a Q&A with the bug, reports that the account has been suspended once again.

"R.I.P., @CascadedBug," the post reads.

The account, which was up for less than a day, was fun while it lasted, but it shows a darker side to Twitter's standards.

Parody accounts show up all the time, and many are left unchecked, just like this @ZooeySiri account that we wrote about earlier this week.

But it seems that when the focus of the parody is Twitter, you should take your jokes to a different social network.

[Updated, June 22, 12:00 p.m.: A spokeswoman for Twitter said the account is not currently suspended. But she said she could not comment on whether or not it had previously been suspended.]


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