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Nike releases a commercial on LeBron James' winning a title [Video]

June 22, 2012|By Melissa Rohlin

After winning his first NBA championship, LeBron James told the crowd, "It's about damn time."

James waited nine season to be crowned the king of the NBA. Though he dominated stat categories, his greatness was always questioned by the one category that his name was absent from.

As soon as James won the title, Nike released a commercial documenting his highs and lows, beginning with his standout high school career and continuing with the team's loss last year to the Dallas Mavericks.

The commercial features a ring maker, who begins sculpting a NBA championship ring for James during his high school playing days. The ring maker closely follows James' career and echoes his disappointments ... until Thursday evening.

James now has his ring.

He made good on a promise he made during a horribly ostentatious ceremony. He silenced -- or at least quieted -- his haters who taunted Heat fans on the blogosphere by pointing out that their hero was, well, unheroic.

An era spanning nearly a decade has come to an end.

James is a champion.


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