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Letters: Bank baloney

June 22, 2012

Re "Credit card complaints to go public," June 19

The American Bankers Assn. is opposed to making the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's credit card complaint database information public because "it would be a public 'outing' of a bank's relationship with its customers based on 'incomplete, unrepresentative and unverified' data."

These same banks have no problems reporting incomplete, unrepresentative and unverified data to the various credit bureaus.

The damage done to individuals' financial lives by incomplete, unrepresentative and unverified data in a credit report is far more severe and long-lasting than could possibly be the case for such data in the credit card complaint database.

I would be more sympathetic to the bankers' concerns if they were to lobby as hard for customers to be able to review and correct information before it is sent to any credit reporting agency as they are lobbying to keep their customers' complaints secret.

Parker Emerson



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