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Letters: Don't support Egypt's military

June 22, 2012

Re "Egypt's Islamists step up pressure on ruling generals," June 20, and "A crushing blow for Egyptians," News Analysis, June 19

Recent events in Egypt are making it very clear that deposed ruler Hosni Mubarak was not the main obstacle to democracy in that country. The Egyptian military is.

Our continued funding of this military regime must be called into question. To provide aid to these generals as they suppress democracy puts us on the wrong side of history.

Military leaders have carved out a position of power and privilege in Egyptian society that they are loath to concede.

Though it may take many years for Egyptians to realize the goals of their revolution, they will long remember who was on their side.

Kent Davidson

La Verne

I have only one thing to say about the Egyptian military asserting its authority after the recent presidential election won by a Muslim Brotherhood candidate: cheers.

Haven't we Americans learned from Iran that the pattern goes from authoritarian old-line ruler being overthrown by democracy-loving students, to the students going home and forgetting about politics, to Islamists remaining and taking control of the government, to those extremist governments supporting terrorists?

Robert S. Henry

San Gabriel


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