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Gear: Lush's solid idea for shampoo that travels well

June 30, 2012|By Ross Werland | Chicago Tribune travel editor
  • Lush offers a solid shampoo that is travel friendly.
Lush offers a solid shampoo that is travel friendly. (Lush )

Lush New! is a  cinnamon and clove shampoo that's a solid and can be kept in a travel tin.

I'm trying not to overstate the case, but I love this stuff. I don't know that I will ever use a liquid shampoo again.

The first time I tried New! I followed the directions, wiping the moistened bar on my wet hair a few times. When I started working it into my hair, I was stunned at the huge amount of suds. More than that, I had one of the best hair days I've had in years. Now I have a good hair day every day.

And because it's a solid, the shampoo is a natural for carrying instead of a liquid, which can create problems if you're going through security and have too much of it or if it leaks in your suitcase.

Since first trying New! I've picked up a couple of other kinds of Lush solid shampoos. Though I like New! best, the others are great to rotate in my routine, along with the solid conditioner. As a follicularly worried guy, I have to say this gives great fullness to the hair I do have. The bars also will make your hair (and bathroom) smell fantastic.

Note that you cannot place the wet shampoo bar in its tin or let it lie flat without having it adhere to a surface. If traveling, mop the excess moisture off with a towel and let it dry for half an hour standing on its edge. If not traveling, simply let it dry standing on edge.

Cost: $10.95 for 1.9 ounces. (Tins cost $3.95.)


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