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Virgin Atlantic appoints 'Whispering Coach'

March 04, 2012|By Hugo Martin
(Virgin Atlantic )

If you have trouble sleeping on a plane, Virgin Atlantic may be the airline for you.

The British-based carrier announced last week that it has appointed its first ever “whispering coach” to teach crews on long-haul flights to speak in tones between 20 and 30 decibels to ensure that snoozing passengers are not disturbed on nighttime flights.

The “whispering coach” is part of the airline’s campaign to promote its new “upper-class dream suites,” high-priced lay-flat seats that the airline will roll out this spring on designated routes, including flights between New York and London.

"Whispering classes" will add an extra day to the training of Virgin Atlantic crew members.

"It’s incredibly important that all Virgin Atlantic cabin crew have their skills honed in order to provide the most comfortable experience possible for our passengers,” said whispering coach Richard Fitzgerald.


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