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Travel: Letters to the editor

Australia, cruises, Capri and more.

March 04, 2012
  • Chugging along with a view of the Rockies.
Chugging along with a view of the Rockies. (Linda Griego )

Fond memories of Australia

Thanks for the article on Broome, Australia ["At the End of the World, Mate" by Amanda Jones, Feb. 26]. It brought back fond memories of a 45-day camper-van trip I took three years ago from Cairns across the north to Coral Bay on the west coast. On the way back, tired of my little camper, I spent a few days at the Cable Beach Club. Very nice. For those who go, don't miss the float-plane trip to the horizontal waterfalls, a double (narrow and narrower) tidal bore to the northeast that you power through in a small boat. Exhilarating!

Mike Kvammen

South Pasadena

Speaking of railways …

I read Karl Zimmermann's article on the Alberni Pacific Railway ["Logging Some Time on Vancouver Island," Feb. 26] and thought about Chama, N.M. This photo was taken at Osier Station halfway between Chama and Antonito, Colo., in the Rockies at about 10,000 feet.

Linda Griego

Los Angeles

Cruise safety is still on the agenda

Regarding "Cruise Ship Industry Updates Safety Practices" by Mary Forgione, Feb. 19: We have been on four cruises with Holland America in the last six years and are booking one for this fall. I just wanted to let everyone know that on each of our Holland America cruises, there was a muster drill before we left port.

Mike Greenberg

Granada Hills

Quaint lodgings in Massachusetts

I was delighted to see a picture of the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, Mass., on the Travel section's front page ["Curling Up in a Rockwell Painting of Winter" by Susan Spano, Feb. 19]. I spent one night there in 2005, and it was a fantastic experience. I did not want to leave. The room was so quaint and cozy that I felt completely at home in a hotel room. I am hoping to get a chance to go back, and if I do, I will want the same room I had before. I highly recommend it. Also the Norman Rockwell Museum was well worth seeing.

Julie Joyce


Quicker way to Capri, Italy

My only fault with Rosemary McClure's "Timed to Perfection" story [Feb. 19] on the isle of Capri is that she ignored a shorter ferry ride from Sorrento, Italy.

We visited in November 1999 on a ferry out of Sorrento on a bright windy day, landing at Marina Grande, but discovered after the funicular trip to the top and a short walk to the lee side that Capri was warm and sunny in mid-November.

The Capri ferry docks below the 1834 five-star Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria at Sorrento's popular Piazza Tasso. Some of Italy's best-run restaurants and bars are nearby. Next time, visit Sorrento, truly one of Italy's friendliest towns. I came back in 2004 and just missed visiting again in November.

Pat O'Daniels

Pismo Beach

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