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Los Angeles is the world's 19th most competitive city

March 12, 2012|By Walter Hamilton
  • Los Angeles is ranked as the 19th most "competitive" city out of 120 worldwide
Los Angeles is ranked as the 19th most "competitive" city out… (Citi )

Maybe Los Angeles isn’t so laid-back after all.

In a comparison of the 120 most “competitive” cities worldwide, Los Angeles ranks 19th in a new report.

The report commissioned by Citigroup analyzes cities based on eight criteria, including economic strength, global appeal and human capital. Rankings of individual cities are here.

New York claimed the top spot, followed by London, Singapore and Hong Kong. Among U.S. cities, Chicago was ninth, Boston was 10th and, in an unkind cut for L.A., San Francisco was tied for 13th.

L.A. ranked above-average in all but one category, ranking a lowly 94th in “environmental and natural hazards,” presumably because of earthquake risks.

The city also got relatively low marks in “financial maturity” (33rd) and “physical capital” (36th).

The city did well in economic strength and human capital, ranking 17th and 15th, respectively.

And the City of Angels tied with New York for second on "social and cultural character," trailing only Zurich, according to the study.


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