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Metta World Peace wears eccentric jacket during film session

March 25, 2012|By Mark Medina
  • Lakers forward Metta World Peace wore this jacket during Saturday's film session.
Lakers forward Metta World Peace wore this jacket during Saturday's… (Pau Gasol / Twitter )

Metta World Peace proudly brags about his hometown of Queensbridge, N.Y. So much so that he even asked TNT sideline reporter Craig Sager to say "Queensbridge" after a post-game interview.

But during the Lakers' film session on Saturday, World Peace mimicked what many Angelenos do when it's not a perfect beach-weather day. They freak out. And in World Peace's case, well Pau Gasol's explanation via Twitter explains it all.

"How about jacket!?!" Gasol tweeted. "He was cold and he put it on for a video session! How great is that!?

It's priceless for numerous reasons. The jacket reminds me of something The Joker might wear. It likely broke up the monotony of Coach Mike Brown's video session, an exercise that lasts so long that players have nicknamed him "All Day, Every Day." And it provides another example of World Peace's fun-loving and goofy nature.

There only remains one unanswered question. Considering how much it's rained in Los Angeles today, will league officials allow him to wear that jacket during the game when the Lakers host the Memphis Grizzlies tonight at Staples Center?


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