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YouTube temporarily shuts down rabbit-shooting Herman Cain ad [video]

March 26, 2012|By Morgan Little
  • A shot from the ad "Rabbit," part of Herman Cain's Sick of Stimulus campaign.
A shot from the ad "Rabbit," part of Herman Cain's Sick… (Sick of Stimulus / YouTube )

Reporting from Washington —

Herman Cain, who at one point was in the lead of the Republican presidential primary, has been trying to land back in the spotlight since dropping out of the race in December. His latest venture, Sick of Stimulus, intended to bring attention to the alleged wasteful excess of President Obama's stimulus packages. Instead, by showing a rabbit being shot out of the air, it ended up attracting the attention ofYouTube's moderators.

Sick of Stimulus' ad, simply titled "Rabbit," puts America's small businesses in the titular role, right before a girl places the rabbit into a catapult and launches it into the air, where it's soon shot to bits. The whole process is supposed to be representative of America's tax code, but soon after it was posted Monday morning, it was flagged and taken down for review for allegedly violating YouTube's "policy against spam, scams and commercially deceptive content."

Cain, quickly taking to Twitter, alleged a violation of free speech, and the ad is currently back up and running (and free to view below).

Though the video has its detractors, which a quick look at the YouTube comments will confirm with language unprintable here, Cain has reached out to supporters and requested their feedback and ideas for future Sick of Stimulus videos.

"We have a habit of tweaking everybody from PETA to MSNBC to The White House," an email sent out Monday afternoon said. "So think outside the box, let it fly, and have no fear."

Whether the next video will also contain a dying animal, like "Rabbit" and Sick of Stimulus' first ad, complete with the same little girl killing a fish, remains to be seen.

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