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Andre Ethier on Dodgers ownership, his future

March 28, 2012|By Dylan Hernandez

PHOENIX — Andre Ethier said Wednesday morning that it was too early to say how the Dodgers’ sale could affect his future.

Ethier is under contract this year for $10.95 million. He will be eligible for free agency at the end of the season.

He said he wasn’t sure if he was any more optimistic about remaining a Dodger beyond this season.

“It’s way too early to even play those games in your mind right now,” he said. “It’s a proven group, a lot of proven winners and people who want to win, but we still don’t know what their goals are going to be coming in. It’s that whole thing of don’t look too far ahead, just be focused on right now. If we do our job, then everything will work out.”

But Ethier sounded as if he would be open to discussing a contract extension during the season.

“I don’t know,” he said. “I’m open to anything. At this time, I’m just focused on the year and getting it done. It’s not one of those things I really want to address right now. I’m not trying to speculate. I’m just trying to play for today and focus on how I can help this team win.”


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