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Mega Millions: 5 things to do with apps if you win

March 29, 2012|By Michelle Maltais
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What would you do with $540 million if you win the Mega Millions lottery Friday?

After you’ve chosen your numbers and bought a winning ticket, you need a strategy. As Rene Lynch on our Nation Now blog suggests, trust no one -- aside from your smartphone.

Instead of blasting the news via Facebook or Twitter, probably the first thing you should do is sign that ticket, take a photo of it with your phone and then lock it away immediately!

Here are some other ways your phone can help you be smarter about your new flush status.

Relax, dude: Don't do anything rash. According to the Mega Millions website, you have up to a year from the draw date to claim your prize, depending on where you live. So take a minute, download some Tibetan singing bowls and chill out. Sure, the app is $1.99, but you’re rich. What’s a couple of bucks? 

Get some expert advice: After your name has been publicized as the winner of the biggest Mega Millions jackpot in history, oh, you’re going to want some cover and advice. and Lawyer Finder can help you on the attorney front.  While you’re at it, you might want to brush up on your financial state of affairs. offers apps in iOS and Android flavors.

Dream a little dream: Maybe the money will help you get that first home -- or those first five homes. Zillow apps work on just about every smartphone and tablet out there, including Kindle and Windows Phone. 

Get a butler on the sly: If you've always wanted a butler named Alfred but don't yet want to seem ostentatious, bam, you can have him on your phone, for iOS or Android. And he works for free. 

Give it away, give it away, give it away now: If you're the charitable kind, you might want to start looking at where your donations might be best used. Appappeal lists 23 apps to help you part, in tax-deductible and feel-good ways, with your overwhelming riches. Aw, aren't you generous.

And, as a bonus idea, you might want to set a reminder on your phone to cash that ticket in.


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