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Pro-Romney 'super PAC' nears $40 million spent against Santorum, Newt

March 29, 2012|By Kim Geiger and Maloy Moore
(Restore Our Future )

If attracting the attention – and the dollars – of the "super PAC" backing Mitt Romney is any indication of clout in the 2012 presidential campaign, Rick Santorum notched a new distinction this week as he became the candidate who had suffered the largest barrage of negative spending by the PAC.

As this interactive graphic shows, the pro-Romney “Restore Our Future” super PAC has been the powerhouse in the presidential race, spending more than $39 million since early December to oppose Santorum and Newt Gingrich.

Gingrich had been the key target in December and January, but that trend shifted suddenly in early February as Gingrich failed to build on his win in South Carolina and Santorum started picking up victories.

As of this week, Restore Our Future has now spent more than $20 million to oppose Santorum, compared with $18.7 million to oppose Gingrich.

Still, Gingrich remains the candidate who has drawn the most super PAC money when spending for and against a candidate is combined.

Super PACs have spent more than $12 million to support Gingrich and more than $7 million to support Santorum.

Romney has drawn the least amount of spending in support of his candidacy – just over $2 million.

Geiger reported from Washington and Moore from Los Angeles.

Original source: Pro-Romney super PAC nears $40 million spent against Santroum, Newt

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