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Letters: Romney's potential No. 2

May 01, 2012

Re "And the veep choice is…," Opinion, April 26

Among the criteria Doyle McManus lists for potential vice president picks is that the ideal candidate needs to avoid gaffes. His example is Sarah Palin, the 2008 nominee, but when mentioning Vice President Joe Biden all McManus refers to is Biden's securing the Pennsylvania vote.

Biden is to gaffes as Thomas Edison was to electricity. The frequency and outrageousness of Biden's gaffes would make professional comedy writers insecure.

McManus endorses the bland Rob Portman as Romney's No. 2 pick, and he casually writes off Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.), the young, dynamic superstar, as inexperienced. But was experience so important in 2008?

Richard Friedman

Los Angeles

McManus talks about Romney needing someone who would please the "tea party," someone smart enough to debate well, a candidate who can carry a swing state or someone who can capture the Latino vote. But every name mentioned belonged to men. Women are in every one of these categories.

No wonder there is a gender problem with Republicans.

Jane Bove

Fountain Valley


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