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Letters: Democrats and compromise; the Senate's torture report; go-it-alone Israel

May 01, 2012

False equivalency

Re "Student loans, abuse against women spur fights in Congress," April 26

The article says, "The looming confrontations on both issues show how hard it is for Republicans — or Democrats, for that matter — to compromise in this highly contentious environment."

Democrats, often to my dismay, are usually too willing to compromise. Republicans, at least since President Obama was elected, never do unless the public outcry is so great and they're forced to. And to imply that there is an equivalency between taking funds from public health versus a tax increase on the rich that is "off-limits" because almost all Republicans have signed a pledge not to raise taxes is laughable.

Democrats aren't perfect, but most of the time they try and look out for most of us. It's so obvious what the Republicans' game has been since 2008. Please stop with painting them both with the same false-equivalency brush.

Morty Mittenthal


Exposing torture

Re "The torture report," Editorial, April 27

Thank you for your strong support for the release of Senate Intelligence Committee's report on post-9/11 interrogation of detainees in U.S. custody. Your editorial recognizes that while this report will address the issue of effectiveness of "enhanced interrogation techniques," the much more profound issues are those of legality and morality.

Our practice of torture has caused serious erosion to the foundation of our country's commitment to our Constitution, treaties and rule of law and, indeed, to the soul of this nation. This report will shine an urgently needed light on a very dark chapter in our nation's history and can provide a way to begin to repair this enormous damage.

Virginia Classick

Woodland Hills

Israel's choices

Re "Go-it-alone outlook now drives Israel," April 29

So the Israelis have realized they can do what they like to maintain domination over the people of the occupied territories, the Palestinians. No need even to dangle the hope of future independence.

Everything has worked out just fine, except for one little thing: What will they do with the subjugated population? Expulsion? Slow economic strangulation? Or, heaven forbid, equal rights for all people who live in what is in effect already the state of Israel? On the answer to this question rides the conscience of a country founded as a haven for the oppressed.

Erica Hahn


Riding the rail

Re "Expo Line launches rail service push to Westside," April 29

Will Westside residents leave their cars and ride the train? Yes! Have you taken the Eastbound 10 in the morning lately? On the Expo line my morning commute time can be transformed into leisure time to read a good book. Let Metro worry about the traffic.

And consider the economics of the situation. A Metro day pass costs way less than a day's parking downtown and only a little more than a single gallon of gas. If I can save wear and tear both on my car and its driver, what's not to love about the train?

I have my Transit Access Pass card loaded with cash for fares and my Kindle loaded with good books to read. Let the train roll.

Cynthia Hart

Culver City


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