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Hey, pick-up artists, Neil Strauss made an app just for you

May 02, 2012|By Deborah Netburn
  • Need help picking up women? Maybe you want to check out A Better Man app by pick-up artist Neil Strauss.
Need help picking up women? Maybe you want to check out A Better Man app by… (HarperCollins Publisher )

Pick-up artists -- you've got your own app now.

Neil Strauss, author of the best-selling books on the modern art of seduction -- "The Game" and "Rules of the Game" -- has launched A Better Man, an app that turns hitting on women into a secret-agent-style, real-time-playable adventure.

"By purchasing this app, you're accepting a challenge. A challenge that will take you on a journey," the creators of the app write on iTunes. "You will receive missions. As you move through the missions, you will require more and more skills."

The first time you buy A Better Man from the iTunes App Store ($2.99), you'll be asked to create a profile and take a brief entry quiz. Then you look for a pick-up mission to accept.

The missions start off easy, and it's only after you have successfully completed those missions that you will be able to unlock more advanced missions.

Your performance is timed, and you'll be asked to report back on how you fared. If you are in desperate need of help, a real life wingman who has already completed the mission will offer you advice and support.

Also, as you move up the levels, you'll get video advice from Strauss on how to perfect your moves.

"If a slightly nervous guy walks up to you and starts an interesting conversation, but keeps checking his iPhone, now you know why," said Strauss in a statement. "Your mission is to take a few moments out of your day to help him become a better man."

I'm not sure that becoming better at picking up girls makes one a better man, but you may disagree.

For more on Strauss and the weird lingo of the modern day pick-up artist community -- yes, it's an actual community -- you can read this profile I did on him back when "The Game" first came out. 


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