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Letters: Social Security's future

May 02, 2012

Re "Two views of Social Security," Postscript, April 28

I have a solution for Social Security: Why not let the Social Security deduction tax all wages, as the Medicare deduction does? What is the reasoning behind Social Security stopping at $110,100? This makes no sense to me. Why just penalize the average worker with this deduction and let the rich cease

paying at this foolish number?

This solution would fund the account for decades to come. Seems like a very simple solution.

Lynne Friedman

Palm Desert

Editorial writer Jon Healey says, "The annual report by the trustees who oversee the Social Security Trust Fund disclosed that the fund grew by $69 billion in 2011." He explains that the growth was because of interest earned on Treasury securities.

But, remember, not too long ago, when Congress was fighting about extending the debt limit, President Obama claimed he might not be able to pay Social Security beneficiaries if the debt limit wasn't raised. So is the so-called trust fund empty?

Dick Ettington

Palos Verdes Peninsula


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