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Kobe Bryant has been a calming influence while leading the team

May 03, 2012|By Mark Medina

"It's part of being around Phil [Jackson] so much," Bryant said. "A lot of it has rubbed off on me. I try to communicate that around the guys as best as I can."

That doesn't mean Bryant lacks his usual fiery demeanor. After all, players routlnely knew Jackson's blood boiled underneath his calm demeanor. Lakers rookie guard Andrew Goudelock also said Bryant "doesn’t sugar coat anything so he’ll tell you straight up how it is" when he's pointing out mistakes on film, on the practice court and in the game. Still, he does so in a way that exudes calmness despite the uncertainty swirling around him.

"I haven’t done anything I haven’t done in the past," Bryant said. "Because of the learning process we’ve been going through with the coaching staff and us players,  I’ve had to do a little bit more vocal leadership in that aspect. But it’s pretty much status quo."

Yet, considering how much change has the organization has gone through otherwise, that's remarkable in itself.


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