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Letters: Afghanistan and Obama

May 04, 2012

Re "Obama signs Afghan pact, visits troops," May 2

Though I mostly agree with Obama regarding the timetable for withdrawing our troops in Afghanistan, I am very concerned about leaving one war and possibly entering another.

I have a simple solution: Reinstate the lottery-style draft with absolutely no deferments. This would make every American think twice about entering a war and the consequences that those fighting it would have to endure.

I suspect our role in the world would change significantly.

Edward Castillo

Santa Monica

In all this celebration, have we forgotten that it was Obama who said Iraq was the wrong war and we should be fighting in Afghanistan; that he is the one who built our troop level to a peak of about 100,000 last year?

Why is he now praised for bringing most of them home in two years?

Harvey B. Schechter

Beverly Hills

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