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Letters: The flap over Romney's aide

May 06, 2012

Re "Romney's flub," Opinion, May 4

If there was any doubt about who is in charge of Mitt Romney's presidential campaign, it is crystal clear that right-wing groups, in an effort to create a non-inclusive White House club, have the power to intimidate an openly gay campaign spokesman into resigning.

Romney's silence speaks volumes about his willingness to sell his soul to the homophobic far-right to get elected.

Phyllis Landis

Ocean Hills

The irony is, the one thing Romney is supposed to be great at, the thing that sets him apart, is his executive ability. Good executives select the best talent and then back up their people and give them room to do their jobs. Fail and fail.

I certainly wouldn't want to work for him.

Joanne Zirretta

Aliso Viejo


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