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Getting sound protection for Siri

May 09, 2012

When it comes to your tech tools and toys, can you name that sound? Play along.

Bloo-bloop. That's TiVo.

The grand and broad-sounding G flat/F sharp major chord, Baaaaah. That's the Mac startup sound.

Dong-dong-dong-dong. That tells you Intel is inside.

Then there's the signature cutting swoosh of an Xbox booting up.

And you know that distinctive synthesized crescendo of disparate elements that resolve into a singular auditory thread you feel in your core -- Deep Note --that means you're listening to THX.

Now you can add the synthesized xylophonic tink-tink -- the sound of launching Siri.

These auditory cues have an almost Pavlovian effect on us, calling to the surface the emotions and excitement we associate with the experience of the product.

Among the many patent and trademark applications coming from Cupertino, Calif., was an application to trademark the sensory marker to ensure that Siri's signature sound remains hers and hers alone, Patently Apple reported. The two-beat rapidly repeated sound before you give her your bidding is listed in the application as a C#. 

Apple's trademark application is filed under four international classes, covering computers, electronic devices, voice recognition, social networking, GPS, various reservation and concierge services and advertising.

The other day, I recall distinctly thinking of the effect and import of such signature sounds while reviewing the Biscotti TV Phone, which, by the way, has a good associative sound.

I'm sure if you think about it, there are just some sounds that are so interwoven into the identity of things that hearing it immediately conjures the product. These sounds are more than just audio logos. They become an auditory embodiement of the product. 


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