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Letters: It's our beach too

May 09, 2012
  • This metal shark sculpture, shrubbery and lawn on East Oceanfront in Newport Beach are technically on public land. Recently, the California Coastal Commission sent letters to homeowners saying that alterations and upgrades like this are "unpermitted landscaping on public beach."
This metal shark sculpture, shrubbery and lawn on East Oceanfront in Newport… (Los Angeles Times )

Re "Private landscaping on public sand," May 7

The law on oceanfront land is clear. Whether by intent or by error (doubtful), some beachfront property owners have encroached on public property.

Issue fines to these owners and give them notice to rectify the situation within 30 days. If the land is not cleared and returned to public-usable condition within that period, add additional and significant fines. Then bring in state contractors to do the job.

Charge the offending property owners for every cent spent repairing their misguided efforts to commandeer our mutually owned resources.

Gerald LeGagnoux

Santa Monica

The California Coastal Commission's tyranny is just another hallmark of the state's dysfunction. If the coastal "commissars" have done all they can do and now must turn to harassing beachfronters as their part of class warfare, then abolish the commission.

If the commission had one small part of imagination and problem-solving ability beyond the word "no," it would simply grant, for big bucks, nonexclusive easements for the use of the land and the benefits of erosion control. (No fertilizers or weed killers allowed.) This would be a revenue source that might help with other coastal problems needing funding, not for more coastal bureaucrats with nothing better to do.

Doug Norberg

Santa Barbara

Never underestimate the degree of entitlement by the rich.

In Chicago a few years ago, MayorRichard M. Daley— in the middle of the night — bulldozed the runways of downtown's Meigs Field to turn it into a public park. The small airfield had been used almost exclusively by private planes.

The Coastal Commission could easily solve the Newport Beach home-

owners' encroachment with a bulldozer from one end to the other at 4 a.m.

Allan Rohlfs



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