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Letters: Playing ball at Griffith Park

May 09, 2012

Re "Ball fields at Griffith Park? Not a hit with everybody," May 6

Natural areas are increasingly hard to find because of development. Developing Griffith Park further by putting in more baseball fields would degrade the park's remaining natural areas. There are plenty of places baseball can be played.

Suggesting that kids from downtown L.A. come to Griffith Park to play baseball makes no sense. If they are going to travel so far, then they can travel a similar distance to a school that has a field and play there.

I would rather that elected officials concern themselves with real problems instead of needlessly adding to them.

Stephen V. Hymowitz

Los Angeles

At a time in our city when so many different factions — be they economic, cultural or faith-based — are squaring off against one another, where do we meet to find common ground? The baseball field, that's where.

Our son has played in the local leagues for almost 10 years, and almost nowhere else does he have the opportunity to come together with such a diverse group of kids. Their differences are forgotten in favor of working together and strategizing their play. The "screaming kids" the critics fear are voices united in encouragement and celebration.

If this isn't a wonderful use of two acres (out of 4,310) at Griffith Park, I don't know what is.

Kes Trester

Los Angeles


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