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Letters: Care facilities in Los Angeles

May 10, 2012

Re "To some, care facility is too close to home," May 7

It is sad that many people in Los Angeles think they have a right to dictate who lives near them, and it is shameful that our elected leaders listen to demands that old people, sick people and disabled people live "someplace else." How is this not segregation?

As a disabled person, it weighs heavily on me that some insist they have a right to be screened from living in a community with me. Still, I pity these people. Their fear blinds them to the amazing opportunities a diverse community offers, opportunities to expand horizons and to learn from and serve each other.

Until these latter-day segregationists are enlightened, we must stand up for a Los Angeles in which neither age nor disability bars you from any neighborhood.

Pam Schmidt

Los Angeles


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