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Letters: Weighty matters for Americans

May 11, 2012

Re "No end in sight to obesity epidemic," May 8

Of course there is no end in sight to the obesity epidemic. If the government can hold a conference that might suggest that Americans consume less junk food, then what makes us believe that the government wouldn't stop there and would suggest that Americans eat more broccoli?

The Supreme Court has already given its lecture that our vegetable-averse Founding Fathers have hidden in the Constitution a prohibition to a broccoli mandate, even though one would improve citizens' health. Everyone does have a constitutional right to eat themselves sick — and the rest of us are given the right to pay for their wrongs.

Marvin Gordon

Laguna Beach

We cannot expect a child to choose to eat healthful, nutritious food when given the choice. When I was growing up, my parents would frequently buy me fast food for lunch and sometimes dinner. This poor diet resulted in my becoming overweight as an adolescent.

At the time, I was unaware of exactly how unhealthful I was eating. As I grew older I realized just how bad those types of foods were for me.

Parents need to take better care of their children. It is time we get off the sidelines and take action to curb childhood obesity.

Kyle Rouse



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