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Letters: Santorum and Romney make up

May 11, 2012

Re "Awkward moments for Romney," May 8

So Rick Santorum has now endorsed Mitt Romney after calling him everything short of the devil incarnate. Santorum has now done a flip-flop of his own and stands behind the man he denigrated at every possible opportunity.

The outcome is predictable: Flocks of sheep will follow this epiphany and develop amnesia about every dagger Santorum threw at Romney for months on end. Welcome to politics, folks. It's for the solidarity of the party.

Morgan St. James

Marina del Rey

These awkward moments for Romney have happened before, and he will not denounce angry comments from his audiences as Sen. John McCain did in 2008. He will wait until after these town hall meetings are done to denounce them.

Romney's thinking is simple: have someone stir the pot, and then I'll reap the benefits of the negativity toward the president.

Joe Martinez

El Segundo


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