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Marty 'Voldemort' McSorley took some magic from the Kings

May 11, 2012|By Chris Foster
  • Marty McSorley with the Kings in 1994.
Marty McSorley with the Kings in 1994. (Los Angeles Times )

The Kings are in the first Western Conference final since their infamous 1993 season. Yet there is a pre-ordained confrontation ahead as they prepare for the Order of the Phoenix before they can get their hands on the Goblet of Fire.

Remember the past. He Who Must Not Be Named … Marty McSorley.

McSorley’s illegal stick was the Avada Kedavra Curse to the Kings, who were oh-so-close to a 2-0 series lead in the 1993 Stanley Cup final, but lost four straight to the Montreal Canadiens after the incident.

But was it more sinister? Consider....

Voldemort: Bent wand.

McSorley: Curved stick.

Voldemort: Connected to the Chosen One.

McSorley: Tethered to the Great One.

Voldemort: Went to the Forbidden Forest, but returned.

McSorley: Traded to Pittsburgh, but returned.

Voldemort: Killed Lily Potter.

McSorley: Whacked Donald Brashear.

Voldemort: Gave Harry Potter that wicked forehead tattoo.

McSorley: Gave lots of folk scars. Who knows, maybe even Daniel Radcliffe.

The clincher? Look at the eyes:  Voldemort ... McSorley.


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