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Letters: California budget, same old story

May 15, 2012
  • Gov. Jerry Brown discusses his revised state budget plan at a news conference on Monday. He said the budget shortfall swelled from $9.2 billion predicted in January to $16 billion now.
Gov. Jerry Brown discusses his revised state budget plan at a news conference… (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated…)

Re "State deficit estimate hits $16 billion," May 13

Again we are facing budget shortfalls that need to be made up by more taxes. Is there an end to California's financial crisis? Do we have to go from crisis to crisis with no light at the end of the tunnel?

The Greek financial shadow is looming larger because the governor doesn't have the guts to make the changes to get our house in order. No one says, "Enough is enough."

I am glad I am 80 years old, but the future my children and grandchildren will endure frightens me to no end.

H.K. Rahlfs


The answer to every government deficit situation: "This means we will have to make cuts far greater than asked for at the beginning of the year in schools, public safety and services."

I'd like to suggest, as we do in the private sector when an organization has a deficit year after year and is providing fewer and fewer services, that we reshape and right-size the organization.

After 40 years of turning around underperforming organizations, I can assure you that 25% to 40% of operational overhead can be eliminated without the services provided decreasing. In some cases, cutting overhead improves the services.

Robert M. Green

San Dimas

I usually vote for tax increases when they are needed, and Gov. Jerry Brown's proposed sales tax increase certainly is needed. This time though, I will have to vote against it.

I am voting against it because it will hurt retail business in the state and slow the recovery. A higher sales tax will make California retailers less competitive with the Internet.

So until something is done to level the retail playing field, I have to vote against any type of sales tax increase.

Arnie Sperling

Pacific Palisades

Thank God we cut the GOP out of budget talks by letting a budget pass on a simple majority. Maybe next year we can spend even more, with no brakes on the choo-choo.

Dave Goodwin

Los Angeles


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