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Bresnahan's take: Lakers' Andrew Bynum does the unexpected

It's not the stunner that Lakers fans hope to see on the day of Game 2 against Oklahoma City, but there is more than an element of surprise to Bynum's decision to talk to the media on game day.

May 16, 2012|By Mike Bresnahan

Mike Bresnahan covers the Lakers for The Times and ties up loose ends before all their playoff games. The Lakers trail Oklahoma City, 1-0, in their best-of-seven series.

The Lakers pulled off a stunner: Andrew Bynum talked on the day of a game.

It's not the shocker Lakers fans hoped to see two days after their team got bludgeoned by the Oklahoma City Thunder, but I was definitely surprised.

Before every game, Bynum acts like the starting pitcher in Game 7 of the World Series. Doesn't like to talk. Doesn't field questions from reporters.

It's a new phenomenon, something he came up with the last year or two.

So it's going to happen a lot more often in the future? No.

"This is a makeup," said Bynum, who skipped out on talking to reporters after Tuesday's practice.

Q&A of the day

Q: Please run this by the team. They need to be stronger, more physical. Play smart, be poised.

-- Edwin B.

A: Hey, Pau: Be stronger, more physical. Hey Ebanks: Play smart, be poised.

There. I've done my part.

Final thought

Let's see.

The Lakers trailed by 35 in Game 1, did not get a fastbreak point, forced only four turnovers and are on the road again for Game 2.

The pick: Thunder.

Bresnahan's record: 6-2.

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