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Letters: Business is still in business at City Hall

May 18, 2012

Re "Business ties to City Hall wane," May 12

The article missed the mark. Business is an aggressive advocate at City Hall and actively engaged in city elections.

On Jan. 17, Joe Buscaino trounced the candidate backed by the County Federation of Labor in the race for City Council District 15. The L.A. Area Chamber of Commerce's JOBS PAC vigorously backed Buscaino, providing $82,000 to support him.

In 2011, in the much closer reelection of Councilman Bernard C. Parks, the JOBS PAC provided critical independent expenditure funding for mailers and phone calls.

Next year, six council seats are open, meaning no incumbents are in the running. We are focused on electing more pro-jobs, pro-growth candidates in those races.

While the mayor's race is important, the City Council impacts L.A.'s business climate even more directly.

Gary Toebben

Los Angeles

The writer is president and chief executive of the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.


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